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BC-Duetto Lithium accu charger

Input Voltage 220÷240 Vac, 50÷60 Hz
Charging Voltage 13.8 V / 14.4 V - nominal 12 V
Charging Current 1.5 A max
Types of Batteries 12 V Lead Acid (Traditional/Wet, Gel, MF, VRLA, AGM, Ca/Ca, etc.) & 12V Lithium-Ion / LiFePO4
Charging Algorithm - Lead/Acid 8 cycles, automatic (Initialization, Recovery,
Soft Charge, Bulk Charge, Desulfation,
Battery Analysis, Maintenance and Equalization)
Battery Capacity - Lead/Acid From 3 Ah to 100 Ah
Charging Algorithm - Lithium 7 cycles, automatic (Initialization, Recovery,
Soft Charge, Bulk Charge, Equalization,
Battery Analysis and Maintenance)
Battery Capacity - Lithium From 1 Ah to 100 Ah
Operating Temperature from -20° to +50°C
IP Class
Weatherproof - Protection against water
splash IP44. Suitable for outdoor use


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